Work and Pensions Committee – Health and Safety Executive’s Approach to Asbestos Management

The Work and Pensions Committee met on Wednesday 17 November 2021, to discuss Health and Safety Executive’s Approach to Asbestos Management.

There were a great number of witnesses including:

  • Prof. Thomas Kuhlbusch, Head of Hazardous Substances Management, The Federal Institute for Occupational Hygiene and Health (BAuA) Germany
  • Prof. Alex Burdorf, Head of Department of Public Health, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Nicolas Bessot, Head of the Office of Chemical, Physical, Biological and Occupational Diseases, Ministry of Labour, Employment and Integration, France
  • Charles Pickles, Asbestos campaigner, The Airtight on Asbestos Campaign
  • Gill Reed, Technical Adviser, The Joint Union Asbestos Committee
  • Tony Hood, National Head of Asbestos Strategy, Thompsons Solicitors
  • Joanne Gordon, Chair, The Asbestos Victims Support Groups’ Forum UK
  • Liz Darlison, Chief Executive Officer, Mesothelioma UK

You can watch a recording of it here: Parliament TV.