Urgent Action Required on Asbestos Register Petition

While we have seen a lot of recent press regarding the asbestos problem here in the UK, and significant strides have been made to address this pressing issue, more efforts are crucial, and so we were happy to see Andrew Percy MP, introduce the "Bill to Provide for a National Register of Asbestos in Non-domestic Premises" on 13th September.

The objective is clear: establish a national register of asbestos and monitor its condition.

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Moreover, there's an ongoing petition titled "A Central Register of Asbestos and Phased Removal of Asbestos from All Buildings." Celebrations are in order as it recently crossed the 10,000 signature mark, prompting an official government response. However, the goal is to garner 100,000 signatures, which would bring the petition to parliament for a potential debate.

Let's amplify our efforts! The deadline to make a difference is 30th September 2023.

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