Unyielding Spirit: Mavis Nye’s Crusade Against Asbestos-related Disease

The name of Mavis Nye is well known and held in high regard within the asbestos industry. Mavis has been a champion in raising awareness of the awful diseases associated with exposure to asbestos.

This is even more impactful as Mavis has also been fighting Mesothelioma for a number of years.



Whilst Mavis has been a true warrior and has defied timescales usually associated with death from this disease. She still continues to raise awareness of these diseases, which are totally preventable.

To be preventable though requires a far better knowledge and understanding of the risks associated with asbestos and also why we need and have regulations to deal with this toxic material.



Mavis and her husband Ray were recently presented with an oil painting depicting them in happier times as a mark of appreciation from many of us within the asbestos sector.



Although Mavis is now entering the final stage of this disease, she still had this familiar message which she wanted us to share by this short video.



Such a remarkable woman and a true meso warrior!