UK Defence Safety Authority Releases Service Inquiry into the Alleged Exposure of UK Defence Personnel to Asbestos During Overseas Exercises and Training Since 2018

The UK Defence Safety Authority has declassified a report into the exposure of UK Defence Personnel's exposure to asbestos during their service during overseas exercises and training since 2018. This comphreshensive report aims to prevent a recurrence of said exposure.

From the report:

The Service Inquiry Panel assembled at Boscombe Down, on the 17 June 2021, by order of the DG DSA for the purpose of investigating the suspected exposure of UK Defence personnel to asbestos during overseas exercises and training since 2018. The aim of the Service  Inquiry is to make recommendations in order to prevent a recurrence. The Panel has concluded its investigation and submits the Service Inquiry report for the Convening Authority'sconsideration.

You can download the full report from the UK Gov website.