Asbestos: The Analysts’ Guide – HSG248 (2nd Edition) is Finally Here!

No need to hold your breath any longer! The much anticipated and long awaited new version of Asbestos: The Analysts' Guide - HSG248 (2nd Edition) is finally here.

Since the consultation version of 2015 we’ve sat and waited with promises that it would be out soon, out this spring, out this year, etc, etc... and now without any fanfare or any real promotion or notification it’s finally arrived, sneaking in under the radar.

There are so many changes this new guidance will bring about, and far too many to try and put into a short notification. Everyone has focused on clearance testing and some in the belief or understanding that this is the main (or perhaps only) change between the first version and this brand new 2021 edition.

Please don’t linger on that thought for too long as there are so many additions and changes that they will impact on all areas of asbestos consultancy. We will now have far more guidance on all areas of sampling and testing which can only be for the better and produce better and more reliable results.

NORAC will be digesting all the contents and providing a series of informative sessions for members to ensure everyone has the chance to collaborate and understand what the changes will mean for them. Some (who know me) may say that I’m an asbestos geek (😊) but I do feel these are exciting times we are now entering where we can finally move on and embrace this new guidance which will help our industry.

Colette Willoughby - NORAC Chairperson

You can download Asbestos: The analysts' guide - HSG248 (2nd Edition) here: HSG 248 May 2021.

You can discuss the latest guidance here: NORAC New Analyst Guide Forum Post.

To order a physical copy, visit the HSE website.