Start Software Report: Critiquing the State of Asbestos in the UK

Start Software, the developers of Alpha Tracker, a renowned asbestos software system in the UK, have prepared a report that will be presented to parliament today. The report aims to critique the existing condition of asbestos in the UK.

The report which builds and reinforces the findings of the 2022 NORAC/Atac data report that demonstrated the large volumes of asbestos within our buildings which are damaged. This latest report relates to 700,000 buildings and 3.5 million samples across sectors such as hospitals, schools, commercial and houses.

To create this report, Start Software collaborated with ten prominent UK asbestos consultancies and Professor Simon Wilson, the Chair of Statistical Uncertainty and Risk at Trinity College Dublin. Data from these consultancies, along with the expertise of Professor Wilson, were utilized in the compilation of the report.

The state of asbestos in the UK is worrying and appears to be deteriorating. There is much important work to be done.

Robin Bennett - Director, Start Software

You can download the full report here: Damage - Asbestos Report - Start Software May 2023.