Palace of Westminster at Risk of Catastrophic Asbestos Incident

The House of Commons committee has released a report on the unsatisfactory levels of compliance with health and safety protocols, in particular around asbestos incidents, at the Palace of Westminster.

The committee warns that progress on restoration and renewal ispainfully slow and that they suggest the Clerks make sure contractors comply with health and safety protocols and hold them accountable before any works are undertaken. The report suggests that there is a risk of a catastrophic event occurring before the works are completed, and describes a contractor recently not informing the Clerks of an asbestos incident.

They have appointed a health and safety director and updated safety teams and escalation processes, however the Clerks are still not confident that the safety structure will be enough. The committee recommends the Clerks need to reiterate the importance of health and safety and improve on the timeliness of reporting to ensure safety measures are met.

You can read more on the IOSH website.