Oil Painting Honours Mavis Nye Foundation

Colette Willoughby, NORAC's Chairperson, and Andrew Paten, UKNAR's Co-Founder, unveiled a unique oil painting in tribute to Mavis and Ray of the Mavis Nye Foundation on Thursday, 24th August. This artwork, a gift from the asbestos industry, is a testament to the remarkable contributions and inspiration Mavis and Ray have provided over the years.

Both Mavis and Ray were deeply touched by the gesture. As a symbol of motivation and remembrance, this painting is set to be showcased publicly, benefiting both present and upcoming generations. Heartfelt appreciation and love for this gesture resonate within the community.

The painting's debut public appearance is scheduled at the British Asbestos Awards on Friday, 1st September. Ben Chambers, the awards organiser, expressed his delight, stating,

We are delighted to be able to showcase what is a beautiful oil painting of two very inspirational people who I have enjoyed being in company with many a time. It is my honour to be able to have the painting displayed at the British Demolition & Asbestos Awards this year.

Ben Chambers, British Asbestos Awards Organiser

Post-event, the artwork's custody will be transferred to Craig Evans, COO of UKATA, where it will be housed at UKATA's primary office.

Don't forget to find out more about and support the Mavis Nye Foundation.