NORAC Working Groups

NORAC working groups are way for NORAC members to collaborate with their industry peers, to more effectively communicate, compile data, and effect change within the asbestos industry.

These are normally chaired by NORAC Committee, and NORAC members, to make sure we are listening affectively to our memberships needs.

NORAC Working Groups are currently looking at comparisons of calibration and quality methods, and would welcome anonymised data from others in the industry.

We would like to welcome contributors to participate in a study to unify and simplify our quality control procedures across the industry, so that there is an agreed standard based on the knowledge and expertise of the industry.

We can then use results of this study to enable evidence backed, positive change within the industry.

This invitation is open to members only, so if you are not currently a full member you know what to do!

If you are interested in taking part you can contact us here, or send an email to, and one of the working group leaders will contact you with how to present the information that will assist with their reports

We look forward to hearing from you!