NORAC Membership And Website Changes

We've been listening to your feedback and have made some improvements to how both the website and membership works:

Unlimited Large Organisations Submembers

Large organisations can now have an unlimited amount of sub members. These members can use the forums and receive email updates on news forum posts and events. Invite your entire staff to join and get the most from your membership!

Submembers can now sign themselves up, using their company email here.

Multiple Regions for All Users

We've streamlined the process for regional updates, all users may now choose multiple regions by going to their control panel and choosing region settings. They will then receive regional updates for those selected regions.

Newsletter For Non Members

Not ready for a full membership yet? Non-members can now sign up for our FREE newsletter email of news articles, events and forum updates.

Got a bright idea?

If you have an idea to improve or enhance NORAC, post it on the forums, or get in touch.