NORAC Are Proud To Support Action Meso

The ActionMeso campaign is the first time that so many patient support groups and charities have joined forces to raise awareness of mesothelioma.

They have two clear goals: AWARENESS and ERADICATION.

Make every person in the UK aware of mesothelioma and the dangers of asbestos

Eradicate mesothelioma and asbestos: Promote the Mesothelioma Patient Charter to healthcare providers, the Government and employers as the action we expect them to take.

There is great work going on in the mesothelioma community across the country, but all the organisations are small and all face the same commons challenges:

The biggest challenge is the lack of awareness of mesothelioma.

Many people do not realise asbestos is still a problem in this country. They, understandably, think that asbestos is banned so it is no longer a problem. They have no idea of the prevalence within many buildings especially schools, colleges and hospitals.

Why is this lack of awareness a problem?

Firstly, to be able to make change there needs to be general awareness throughout the UK population about mesothelioma and the dangers of asbestos. We would like every adult in the UK to know what mesothelioma is and to understand about the dangers of asbestos and this is why a group of organisations have come together for the ActionMeso campaign. Our aim is also to get the rest of the mesothelioma community onboard including patients, carers, healthcare & legal professionals together with the asbestos removal firms and the construction industry. Basically, we want as many people as possible to come together.

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