NORAC and ATAC Release Review of UK Asbestos Management 2022 Report

The first annual Data analysis report into asbestos in UK buildings has been released after a collaboration between NORAC and ATAC, and has stoked immediate interest with national media even picking up on it.

This report is the first annual data analysis report into asbestos in UK buildings. It is a response to the recent inquiry into asbestos management in the UK by the Work and Pensions Committee which highlighted that little evidence exists about the current extent and condition of asbestos in UK buildings.

The survey data was collected over a six-month period from October 2021 to March 2022. The data shows:

  • Of the 128,761 buildings inspected, 100,660 (78%) were found to contain asbestos
  • Within those 100,660 buildings, 710,433 items of asbestos were found
  • Out of the 710,433 items of asbestos, 507,612 (71%) were recorded as having some level of damage
  • Of the 507,612 damaged items, 120,629 (24%) would be classed as “licensable” work and require a specialist contractor

You can download the full report here.