NORAC AGM Keynote – Steve Judge – Two Times World Paratriathlon Champion – Good to GOLD

With the NORAC 2022 AGM rapidly approaching, we are excited to announce a fantastic guest: Two times world paratriathlon and motivational speaker Steve Judge.

As a professional speaker, author and resilience coach Steve’s mission is to share his story and his learnings so as to empower people with the right mindset to go confidently on their journey in the direction of their dreams, their GOLD.

To take dynamic action and to be the change that you see in yourself along with your team, you either need inspiration, motivation or desperation. In my journey from wheelchair to world champion I had all three.

From my personal experiences I learnt the 5 winning strategies of what it takes to achieve in your GOLD.

The most extraordinary life is waiting for you. - Take it, it’s yours.

Steve will be sharing his humorous, uplifting yet poignant performance along with the number one strategy that all high achievers do.

He’s passionate about everyone experiencing the happiness and fulfilment of achieving the life that they have imagined and truly deserve.

By doing this it ensures that the pain and suffering that Steve has endured will not have been in vain.

You can find out more about Steve’s background and journey as a paratriathlete here: and more about the man himself here: