HSE Launches Asbestos Services Surveys for Industry Feedback

The HSE has launched a series of new surveys about asbestos surveying and 4-stage clearance inspections. These surveys invite licensed asbestos removal contractors/asbestos surveyors/asbestos analysts to tell HSE about their experiences as part of the regulatory approach to managing asbestos.

Why is HSE doing these surveys?

The surveys form part of HSE’s work to deliver the Government’s accepted recommendations from the Work and Pensions Select Committee following their inquiry into HSE’s approach to asbestos management.

HSE is gathering information to build a comprehensive picture of the scale of awareness, action and behaviours in the area of asbestos surveyors and 4-stage clearance inspection. The information we gather will help us to understand how any potential changes in these areas could improve the management of asbestos risk.

Who can complete the surveys?

The survey is relevant to licensed asbestos removal contractors/asbestos surveyors/asbestos analysts/all organisations who are involved in licensed asbestos work, surveying and sample analysis.

Why take part?

Those who take part in the survey will help HSE to build evidence which will inform how the recommendations are implemented.

Is survey participation voluntary?

Absolutely! You can find out more about how long the survey may take and how we protect the information you provide in the introduction to the survey. We want to reassure you that if you decide to take part:

• No information will be used for regulatory inspection purposes.
• The survey is anonymous, but you can choose to provide an email address if you wish to be recontacted about your response, or to take part in future research.
• Any and all data is processed in line with HSE's privacy policy (www.hse.gov.uk/privacy.htm)

Visit here to take part in the survey for licensed asbestos removal contractors

Visit here to take part in the survey for asbestos surveyors

Visit here to take part in the survey for Asbestos Analysts / Analytical Organisations providing 4-stage clearance inspection services