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      The following query was received by a Norac Member:

      I am hoping that someone in NORAC might be able to help us with this query.

      We have the potential to do a large number of management surveys for a large domestic property owner.  They use a web-based system for managing their properties and would require us to use that to report the positive results of our survey (that is, any samples that contained asbestos).  We don’t know a lot about their system, but believe that it is a CAD plan based system that includes layers of information relating to all the different services and from all types of surveys, which then flags up ‘hot spots’ on the plans, which then take the user to details of the concerns.  I assume that their system provides all the information that users would need from an asbestos register and asbestos management plan.

      They would be looking for a price that reflects using their reporting system and we would not therefore have the funds to produce our usual comprehensive report in line with HSG264 and UKAS requirements.

      As a small organisation we do not want to jeopardise our chances of gaining a very significant contract

      Has anyone else got experience of such a reporting system and does anyone know how we would stand with UKAS if we used it.  We would obviously be meeting the needs of the client, but would not be following our normal reporting procedures.

      One of our operatives knows of another company that has done work on this basis before, but does not know whether it was done ‘under the UKAS radar’ or with UKAS approval

      The response can be seen within the attached document.

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