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      The following query was received by a Norac Member:

      The issue is around the amount of time allowed by many LARCs to carry out, what on the face it, are simple AIB jobs. The domestic garage being the most common culprit. In the last six months we have seen these ‘single day’ jobs crop up with increasing regularity.  Even LARCs we’ve worked with for years who historically always allowed two days for such jobs are now starting to do them in a single day as they say they have to compete on price.

       I’ve reluctantly accepted one such four stage today as I had a spare Analyst. I already wish I hadn’t. The four stage is booked for 2.30pm. I know when my Analyst arrives on site the job will either not be ready or will fail at stage 2.  With this work taking place in domestic properties there is usually a consequence to the occupants of the property if the work is not completed. Pressure is then applied to the Analyst to stay late and get the job done so that the occupants can access the property to get to bed. We’ve had some recently where our analyst has been on site until 9pm until the job is finally cleared. Even when we are working directly for a housing association or local authority the same pressure is applied.  

       We now insist the LARC submit a copy of the PoW for every single 4SC we undertake. Even our admin team can now look at a PoW and see that the job is not feasible. Our analysts now arrive on site with an anticipated visual inspection time. If the LARCs also had to demonstrate how long each of the key phases of their work should take then it would quickly become apparent that the job cannot be done in a single day.

       My query is this. Do the HSE actually review any PoWs these days? And if they do, how are these jobs allowed to go ahead? The LARC we are working for today have just been granted a new license and they are regularly doing this. If other NORAC members are experiencing the same issues, can we press HSE or ARCA to issue some kind of guidance or warning. I’d be interested to hear the views of other members.

      Just to update you on yesterday. I was absolutely right. When my Analyst turned up he found the supervisor still building the final stage of the airlock whilst his colleague was already in the enclosure starting the take down the ceiling. I pulled my analyst away and refused to return to site.

       To be fair to the operatives on site they both knew they couldn’t achieve what they were being asked to do and had no problem with us leaving. The contracts manager saw it differently but by the time I had him on the phone my analyst was safely back home

      The response can be seen within the attached document.

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