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      The following query was received by a Norac Member:

      I have had a couple of questions posed regarding trace resides in risers/plant rooms.

      1. If during a survey of a Plant Room, Riser or other plant / service related location the surveyor can not visually identify any obvious asbestos debris / residues, should the surveyor be taking scrapings / subsamples? The surveyors are obviously trying to cover themselves if anything is found in the future which is understandable, and therefore when a minor trace is identified it appears to the client that insulation debris / residues or AIB debris / residues are present when in fact it is difficult to qualify / quantify what exactly the product type is in amongst a heap of dust / dirt.
      2. Also regarding the abatement of such minor traces of asbestos. Some are trying to find solutions other than the fully controlled route whereas others seem to take the view from text book that the material is classified as insulation / AIB debris / residues which is therefore not bound within the matrix of the material and thus deeming full controls to be required.

      My initial response was that:

      1. Surveyors should be taking such general samples where they feel that there is a justifiable reason for contamination.
      2. Regarding the second point I remember there was clarification regarding this regarding what constitutes an environmental clean (minor debris less than 2 hrs) and What should be fully enclosed and not environmental clean (abrasive method > 2hrs)

      Do you have any info on these or could they be put to the group?

      The response can be seen within the attached document.

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