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      The following query was received by a Norac Member:

      I was wondering whether the group has any guidance. I have the HSE stance upon general cold weather working and for Soffit removal, where weather protective clothing is briefly mentioned. Nothing I can see in 248 or 247.However, we are back to the decontamination/street clothes/disposal issue again.

      We are currently working on 4SC of massive outdoor enclosures. I need to get our guys thermal protection. Most likely is underwear. I have used the method below, in the past, whilst working in demolition. It was of a heavily contaminated derelict building. Temperatures were below freezing;

      ·         Ops dress in Thermals/disposable OA/Microchem 3000 type 3, 4, 5B moisture resistant OA/ second disposable

      ·         A 4th stage was added to the airlock system as a warm wipe down area

      When leaving enclosure, operatives;

      ·         At entrance within enclosure-Remove outer disposable OA and preliminary clean footwear

      ·         Enter 4th wipe down stage and wipe down chemical suit, footwear and RPE

      ·         Enter 3rd  stage and remove Chem suit, inner disposable OA and footwear. Store for next shift. Needs to be a much larger airlock construction

      ·         Enter 2nd stage- clean hands RPE etc

      ·         Enter clean end, don Transit PPE

      ·         Enter DCU and Seal Thermal underwear in operatives personal zip lock bag

      ·         Decontaminate as normal

      Thereafter, Ops have to fit mask in clean end and then dress in dirty end, which is not ideal, but prevents thermal wear entering clean end.

      HSE visited site and had no issues with the set up. A supporting RA was also supplied.

      The response can be seen within the attached document.

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