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      The following query was received by a Norac Member:

      With regards to encapsulated residue samples please see the two attached examples;

      Residue A – this is how many surveyors are recording encapsulated residues, giving it an overall HIGH risk rating.  It is encapsulated and if it has not been disturbed (other than our sampling) it is in good condition, as it has been managed by the encapsulation (dependent on state of encapsulation at time of our survey), therefore;

      Residue B is the correct scoring, giving it an overall LOW risk rating (or MEDIUM depending on state of encapsulation, as mentioned above)

      So for;

      Management Surveys – the material should be labelled and managed

      Pre-demolition surveys – the material should be removed prior to demolition under fully controlled conditions by licensed contractors

      Pre-refurbishment – if the proposed works are likely to disturb the material, the material should be removed, prior to those works taking place, under fully controlled conditions by licensed contractors.

      What is everybody’s interpretation of the surface treatment here?

      Surface treatment
      0 Composite materials containing asbestos: reinforced plastics, resins, vinyl tiles
      1 Enclosed sprays and lagging, asbestos insulating board (with exposed face painted or encapsulated), asbestos cement sheets etc
      2 Unsealed asbestos insulating board, or encapsulated lagging and sprays

      ‘It’s a 1 if it’s boxed off (enclosed) and a 2 if it’s just sealed (encapsulated).’


      ‘If the residue is enclosed (encapsulated) – Score is 1

      If the residue has unsealed encapsulation – Score is 2 – so will need re-encapsulating, or removal.

      The response can be seen within the attached document.

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