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      The following query was received by a Norac Member:

      Do you know what is the HSE’s opinion of Asbestos Paper linings to pipework? Are they classed as an insulation or as an anti condensate? Different people have different opinions. Some say that it requires notification as an insulation, some say that it doesn’t.

      We have received a Plan of Work from a Contractor who is removing two lengths of pipe via wrap and cut method which has Asbestos Paper beneath the MMMF lagging. They have not notified the work and are (according to the POW) conducting this work behind a “flap” and state that the Analyst will carry out Reassurance air testing.

      Obviously with the HSE statement within Fibre Aspects newsletter in mind I want to make sure that we do the correct thing

      The response can be seen within the attached document.

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