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      The following query was received by a Norac Member:

      I was wondering if you could ask the NORAC group for some feedback on a topic which we’ve come across on a number of sites recently.

       The issue is what to do with scaffolding that is to remain following completion of successful four stage clearance. In a recent example, we undertook a four stage clearance following removal of an AIB ceiling from a tight and complex boiler room. The contractor erected a scaffold platform which was sheeted over during the removal works. This sheeting was removed by the contractor following stage 3 so that the platform could be visually inspected during stage 4. The scaffold was to be left in place so that it could be used by the ceiling fitters whilst they undertook the re-instatement works. Now the works are finished and the scaffold is down and gone, should the Analyst return to site to repeat the fourth stage? LARC’s I speak to are saying it’s not necessary as the area already has a completed 4SC. Some people say we shouldn’t have done the 4th stage until the scaffold is down but that would preclude the ceiling fitters from gaining access. I was wondering if other members had any views or experience of this issue?

      The response can be seen within the attached document.

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