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    Hi Derek,

    We also have the Mac Vac Lite’s for our surveyors, however rarely get used due to impracticality (sites without power, location, access), and other forms of fibre suppression available and more practicable. (An effective cordless H-Type would almost certainly get more use, but I am unaware of any on the market)

    Occasionally used to tidy up general (non-asbestos) debris caused by intrusive access. Occasionally used for a ‘known in advance’ situation, e.g. drilling through TC’s (with drill mate attachment), occasional core sampling, or for creating a holes for endoscope work.

    Realistically, very few circumstances where a surveyor would use / need an H-Type during routine surveying. Hopefully, the surveyor generally will not be disturbing any ACM’s to the extent that an H-Type is required over and above general dust suppression as per sampling technique.

    In the event of a significant accidental disturbance of an ACM during surveying (rare), which can’t be easily addressed with dust suppression and wet wipes,  a dynamic risk assessment by the surveyor would probably result in the sealing / access restriction of the affected area rather than the surveyor attempting to mitigate the risk using their H-Type.

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