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It’s not uncommon for HSE documents to become out of date, especially given the length of time it takes whenever guidance is to be updated (Analysts’ Guide, need i say anymore !). The main point in those circumstances is that the guidance will still be relevant but if there are any parts which have changed, such as due to improvements in technology/methods/increased knowledge etc then it’s an area where some interim advice/guidance will be produced which is then ultimately incorporated into any new versions of the published documents such as HSG247.

A prime example of this would be the ALG Memos which have now been replaced by the Asbestos Network Appendices. The AN appendices which are predominantly produced by the Technical Working Group are produced to cover topics where there may be grey areas in current guidance or if it’s an area which hasn’t ever been looked at in any depth within current guidance but is something which the industry needs help with. Once the next version of HSG247 is produced it will then incorporate and replace the various relevant appendix documents.


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