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    Absolutely agree with Colette; Is insulation the the primary purpose of the material?

    Always refer to guidance and in this case we have section 2.6 within HSG247

    Products excluded from the licensing regulations
    2.6 There are certain asbestos products to which ASLIC does not apply. ASLIC does not apply to:

    • asbestos cement (see Figure 2.1), defined as material which is mainly a mixture of cement and asbestos and which when in a dry state has a density greater than 1 tonne per cubic metre. This material is typically found as roofing sheets, gutters, cladding, drainpipes, flues and some soffits;
    • articles made of rubber, plastic, resin or bitumen but which also contain asbestos (eg vinyl floor tiles, electric cables and roofing felts); or
    • other asbestos products which may be used at high temperature but have no insulation purposes, such as gaskets, washers, ropes and seals.

    HSG247 fig 2.1 Non-licensable products

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