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I am looking for some advice or opinions from others who get face fit testing for their RPE. We have in the past repeated the face fit testing every 2 years – unless something significant changes e.g. change in weight, facial scarring etc.,

Recently we got some face fit certificates back that now state the due date is 12 months after the test date.

I have went through HSG53 and some of the HSE’s website guidance, including INDG479 (rev1) and I can only see that it is up to an organisation (i.e. the employer) to decide on a risk based approach the frequency. Does anyone know if something has changed that would make it an annual requirement to repeat the face fit test? Is it an asbestos specific requirement for an annual test now?

Thanks in advance.


Refer to L143 ACOP, 304/305:

304 Employers should make sure that the selected facepiece (tight and loose-fitting types) is the right size and can correctly fit the wearer. For a tight-fitting facepiece (disposable masks, half-face masks and full-face masks) the initial selection should include fit testing to make sure the wearer has equipment which fits correctly. Employers should have systems in place to make sure that face-fit testing is carried out and repeated as necessary on a regular basis. Employers should make sure that whoever carries out fit testing is competent to do so.

305 Repeat fit testing must be done when changing to a different model of RPE, or a different sized facepiece or if there have been significant changes to the facial characteristics of the individual wearer, eg as a result of significant weight gain or weight loss or due to dentistry.

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