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    I think the “fit for reoccupation” element shouldn’t focus on just the asbestos fibre issue (as the survey should not release enough fibres to be an issue unless there is a really bad accident…) but also on the general way the space has been left.

    For example, if floor coverings have been lifted have they been put back sufficiently to prevent a trip hazard?  If floorboards are lifted, have they been de-nailed and replaced?  Have any removed timber trims (archetraves and the like) been de-nailed and put out of harm’s way?

    In simple terms, have we (the surveyor) left the space safe to re-enter by others without precautions that weren’t necessary prior to the survey.


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    That is an interesting point also.

    I would like to add to that as an observation – that if any services e.g. smoke alarms had to be turned off, to allow the survey to take place that, the surveyor should make sure they are reactivated once their work is complete.

    We have discussed in our company as well, particularly with intrusive inspections, that if our surveyors may need to intrusively inspect any building material that is used to for fire protection that we highlight this to the building owner/customer as well. Usually, as poster norac_170121 mentioned, – that would form part of the pre survey planning and be discussed and agreed at the contract review stage.