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    Thanks Colette,

    My concern would be the practicalities of demonstration that “The ‘surveyed’ area must be shown to be fit for reoccupation before people move back in.” Obviously you couldn’t do a disturbed air test as a reassurance.

    But I wonder how useful it would be for a customer, for a surveying company to use an analyst to provide a reassurance air test e.g. in any location where intrusive inspections were carried out. That could be in every room following a refurb/demo survey. Equally, I don’t think that an email from a surveyor saying “the area can be re-occupied” would cut it without some sort of evidence (whatever that may be).

    It would need to be done pretty quickly after each area was surveyed – as if you waited until the end of the survey then any “dust” would have settled. I can’t imagine that the cost of this would be added on to the cost of the survey.

    On the face of it – some sort of air monitoring does make sense – but we are using competent surveyors, they shouldn’t be disturbing asbestos during the surveys – out with an occasional accidental disturbance, in which case they would/should follow their own emergency procedures for decontamination, clean-up and air monitoring. The accidental disturbance is usually very rare and certainly not the norm.

    It will be interesting to see what working group make of it.