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    Hi Derek,

    I have not seen many statements (none spring to mind) declaring surveyed areas to be ‘fit for occupation’ in R&D survey reports to-date (although perhaps that is about to change).

    The focus of HSE (and UKAS) changes from year to year in an ever continuing goal to lift standards in the industry, that is the objective whether their methods are agreed with or not.

    On the face of it paras 53 and 54 of HSG264 have escaped any focus in the past, but they are there, so it cannot it be argued that HSE are seeking to change anything, i.e. HSE can/could argue that a statement to that affect should have been present in any refurbishment or demolition survey issued since Jan 2010 that claimed to be in accordance with HSG264.

    Where HSE lead UKAS are likely to follow so it may be worth making the change to report templates sooner rather than later.

    It seems unlikely that anything material would need to change within the organisation for such a statement to be included. For the opposite to be true, i.e. if wholesale changing of procedure was needed, it would infer that until this point properties were being left that were not fit for occupation as a result of the actions of the surveyor, i.e. no post sampling inspection to make sure no debris has been left, no sealing of sampled/opened areas etc.

    These are just my opinions though.


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