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This matter was raised at the UKAS Tac meeting so as to get a resolution. The agreement from the Tac is that yes, the material condition score can be reduced if action is taken to repair an ACM. The HSE were quite straight forward about this and said that the whole point in the MAS is to consider the potential for fibre release and exposure. Therefore, if the product has been repaired then the risk is reduced. A counter point was made where for example a ceiling tile was broken and you’ve just encapsulated the broken parts then it’s still a broken tile underneath the encapsulation. HSE were very clear and said that if the tile has been repaired then they no longer consider it as damaged so the score should be reduced. They also commented to say that even if tape was used to repair the damage, then that would be fine as it’s reduced the ability to release fibres.

This makes sense and hopefully will help anyone else where similar findings are raised.

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