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    I am frustrated on your behalf with the inadequacies being displayed by your (I “presume” sic.) UKAS technical assessor when making crass and sweeping statements in their observations for activities / findings that should have no place being raised and distract / waste time for teams trying to deliver a quality product.

    If an item / area cannot be accessed to be inspected we follow the guidance and say that it has not been accessed and asbestos could be present and therefore should be presumed to be present until inspected and proven otherwise.  This equally does not mean that you are able to identify the specific materials present and produce a material assessment or submit worse case scenarios or indeed ‘all case’ scenarios and list everything that could possibly be within the inaccessible item/area……

    Page 17 of HSG264:…….. There is a further default situation where materials must be presumed to contain asbestos. The default applies to areas which cannot be accessed or inspected. In this situation any area not accessed or inspected must be presumed to contain asbestos, unless there is strong evidence that it does not.

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