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    Is the damaged product already encapsulated and the recommendation of encapsulation to seal damaged area/s?
    Can  we use AIB for this scenario?

    Can AIB be repaired by encapsulation as it would still be encapsulated and damaged.

    If the AIB was already encapsulated, then using encapsulation to seal damage would still leave it encapsulated and damaged. This would increase the score by the extra damage.
    If the AIB wasn’t encapsulated, then encapsulation would reduce the score by 1 but the damage would increase the score.

    Cement. Older cement does shed fibres and some facilities may increase this by their type of work. Is there a case to make (in certain situations) to recommend Encapsulation on the basis of keeping exposure to Asbestos Fibres to the lowest possible amount?

    No doubt others would differ.