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    Many thanks to all who have produced this report.  There is some very useful information contained which I will digest carefully.

    I must comment on the references to UKAS, we should be very careful not to gold plate UKAS accreditation. Whilst there are some excellent surveyors,  there are a great deal of poor surveyors working within UKAS accredited organisations, who are never let anywhere near a UKAS auditor.  Non conformities and complaints are often hidden, and I personally have quite a collection of “garbage” reports from UKAS accredited companies.

    These issues will only be overcome when individuals are personally held accountable for their work and not allowed to hide behind their accredited employers.

    It is my opinion that at present UKAS accreditation for surveying is not fit for purpose.   Individual accreditation is the only way forward if quality is to be assured.

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