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    Hi have now had a chance to read through some of Lab30 Draft.

    My initial comments are:

    4.1.3 Shared links between the laboratory and the removal contractor can affect the level of independence required. Shared links include:
    • common ownership
    • common management
    • contractual arrangements, including financial or commercial, e.g., where the contractor is a major source of work for the analyst organisation
    • informal understanding, or
    • other means that may have an ability to influence the outcome of a site clearance
    Where shared links are unavoidable, the laboratory must demonstrate appropriate measures to address them. Such measures include making the building client fully aware of the links. These shall be in writing. Additionally, the site clearance certification shall not commence without the building client’s written agreement. A robust contract review process will ensure the removal contractor supports these measures.


    I can see where UKAS come from for this – but there may be some situations where an analytical company may not have the contact details of the building client e.g. when employed directly by a LARC or via some other 3rd party. Some information would be on the ASB5 but it may not be the contact details we need to notify the building client.

    Additionally, with the greatest will in the world – to plan a 4SC in advance, the analyst may arrive on site with no prep. What is to be done in that case as we cannot start until we get written agreement from the building client?

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