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    The HSE figures have not been updated since the 1970’s (TDN42) when I believe thermal precipitators were used, I wouldn’t be inclined to trust them. Rickards published a paper in 1994 suggesting that as analytical methods changed, i.e. membrane filters and counting rules, we can expect a 6-8 times increase in the previously published figures where we use modern methods.    The recent Supreme Court case (Dring) against Cape led to a release of Cape’s internal data of likely fibre exposure from work with asbestos, the numbers were quite horrifying and nothing like those published by HSE.  I understand recent legal decisions have rendered that information confidential again.   Harries did publish some data in 1971 but this was focussed on work in naval dockyards.   From a practical perspective for your problem, I would avoid power tools around AIB as the torque and speed is hard to control and risk of inadvertent disturbance is high, together with the risk of contaminating the tool.  I would suggest wetting the AIB continuously during screw removal or shadow vacuum with H-type. and use hand tools only.  See asbestos essential task sheet A2.