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    Thank you for all of your replies so far – they are very helpful.

    With regard to a more specific scenario – if I take a few bulk samples as directed by a customer and pass the samples to a bulk ID lab for testing (I don’t have my own lab) – the certificates I get back do not/would not include various details as described in ISO 17025 because the bulk ID lab are merely testing what I submit. When I report the results to the customer (if I only forward the Certificate of Analysis (CoA) I would not be sending all the information as described in 17025?) I have italicised the parts that are missing from external CoA.

    • UKAS testing Lab A is me in this scenario (accredited to take bulk samples but not test bulk samples) when I issue a bulk sampling report it has my UKAS testing logo number on it.
    • UKAS testing Lab B is my approved supplier for Bulk ID testing (accredited to test bulk samples only – when they issue their CoA it has their UKAS testing logo number on it [obviously]).

    b) the name and address of the laboratory; (It has this but it is Lab B address as they are the ones carrying out the bulk ID).
    e) the name and contact information of the customer; (On the CoA the customer is shown as Lab A as I am the one submitting samples not my customer)
    f) identification of the method used; (CoA has reference to the method of testing a bulk sample but not the act of sampling).

    7.8.5 Reporting sampling — specific requirements
    Where the laboratory is responsible for the sampling activity, in addition to the requirements listed in 7.8.2, reports shall include the following, where necessary for the interpretation of results:
    a) the date of sampling; (- this doesn’t feature on a CoA from Lab B, as Lab A is taking the sample.)
    c) the location of sampling, including any diagrams, sketches or photographs; (Lab A does this on case by case basis and it would never be supplied by the CoA from Lab B)
    d) a reference to the sampling plan and sampling method; (this wouldn’t be shown on the CoA from supplier Lab B.)


    Apologies if this is a bit of a complicated one. It was pointed out to us that by only forwarding a CoA from Lab B – there were no details of what Lab A had been instructed to do or the method we used to physically sample the material, or who our customer was.


    As always, any advice or opinions are greatly appreciated.