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    Hi Derek,

    In regard ISO17025 these details should be on the standard bulk ID certificate in any event and do not seem too onerous. If there is a specific item a) to p) that is the subject of your query, if you let us know then a more robust or considered response can be provided on this.

    In regard to 7.8.5 [only relevant if you have taken samples yourself] then only ‘c)’ seems relevant to the query (if not send some more details):

    c) the location of sampling, including any diagrams, sketches or photographs;

    This item ‘c)’ is, in my opinion, about the traceability of the sample [reported on] back to the sample point from whence it came. If this can be conveyed via text alone then that closes it out, if not more information/diagrams/photographs may be needed. A simple test is to ensure that this is sufficiently clear such that a person acting reasonably can readily locate the sample point and item sampled on-site.

    Diagrams, sketches or photographs are only supplied as needed. Most labs use [just] text for most bulk ID certificates – certainly the ones that come across my desk. ie ‘sample of ceiling tile in room G030 above radiator’ etc

    IF your query is in regard to a client asking for undetermined items to be sampled and not sampled as directed by the client then this will almost always fall into a survey requirement and a fuller report will be needed … but that is a different topic.

    All in my opinion only

    With best regards