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    From the Dutyholders perspective, the changes required by the new guidance are relatively minor compared to those needed by asbestos consultancies. However I do feel that many organisations may not be aware that these changes have even occurred unless they have specialist knowledge in house or good working relationships with conscientious and professional asbestos consultants.

    Perhaps as a group, NORAC or FAAM, could create a newsletter aimed at Dutyholders / Responsible persons for circulation to clients and for publication, for example on Linkedin?

    I am already planning an update training session with the project managers at my organisation to highlight how the changes will affect us when we plan and undertake asbestos abatement projects. This topic would be ideal for a CPD type session and could even present a marketing opportunity for some?

    I have also not assumed that the LARCs that work for us will digest the extensive detail of the new document. We have been discussing the changes directly with them also so hopefully we can experience fewer problems when the changes start to roll out. Perhaps additional summation of the key points could be prepared for this group also?


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