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    LAB30: [TE] – 

    There are a number of different terms used to describe the same audits in the Draft LAB30. These conflict with the previous lab 30. – 6 clearance audits, followed by competency assessment.

    Table 2 – 6 training audits, followed by competency audits.

    LAB30:2015 – 6 competency audits, followed by audits.

    *use consistent terminology – 6 competency assessments/audits with 2 follow up final authorisation audits*

    Table 2 [TE] –

    Table states a follow-up competency audit in  3 months after authorisation is attained. The note below the table says when authorised, a further audit, on-site is required before 3 months have elapsed.

    This could lead to some confusion, and also some planning issues. It may be that the audit is done the week after authorisation which would fit the before 3 months criteria. However, this is not the aim of the audit, it is to assess the on-going competency. On the other had saying in 3 months, if there is no suitable on-site work at that point, someone authorisation could then lapse.

    *Use consistent comment, within 3 months* [GE] – 

    Where mentioning criteria of competence for each stage of the process, now has bullet points, one of which is: The use of microscopes for the purposes of fibre counting and availability of replacement parts to maintain optimum performance, e.g. lens tissue, bulb and fuse. This was previously in equipment, it doesn’t seem to sit right in qualification/training. *Move back to equipment*

    6.3.3 [TE] – 

    For fibre counting there is now only reference to tally counters and reagents. Reference of a master stage micrometer, working stage micrometers, test slides and Walton-Beckett graticule have been removed. (LAB30:2015-section 12.3)

    Is this intentional? *If not intentional, replace the text* [TE]

    Review of requests, tenders and contractors *should say review of requests, tenders and contracts* [TE]

    COR *should be CfR*