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    Lab30 [TE] Section 2.4 (a): are there any other avenues to explore to allow a UKAS audit for 4SC? E.g. review of recently completed work, with analyst interview? This will solve the problem of trying to get a 4SC arrange for when UKAS visit. If the most important part of the clearance is the visual – how much can you actually observe via cctv and vision panels to be confident in the analysts abilities?

    Lab30 [ED] Section 3:

    Is AIB – “insulating” or “insulation” both survey and analyst guide has it as “insulating” as does HSE website.

    LARC – is it “Licensed” as in “Asbestos: The licensed contractors’ guide”?

    Lab30 [TE] Section for bulk labs that do not have air monitoring on their schedule – how is it proposed they monitor their own staff for Personals? Will it need to by a UKAS accredited company who is employed for that specific task or can you do your own in-house air monitoring?

    Lab30 [TE] Section 6.3.3: there does not appear to be mention of micrometer or test slide or Walton Beckett graticule?

    Lab30 [TE] Section can it also include for a web based acceptable clock rather than only showing the example of calling a telephone number?

    Lab30 [TE] Section are UKAS saying we cannot measure below 4.0 litres per minute? The current Lab30 did show 1.0 l/m.

    Lab30 [TE] Section bullet point 4 – LARC may still not provide their plan of work at the point we quote – how can we assess the time needed if the information is not sent? We still have to quote e.g. a day rate to try to win work

    Lab30 [TE] Section note – Certificate of Cleanliness – can UKAS clarify if they are expecting our certificate for this to state something along the lines of “inspection activities associated with this certificate of cleanliness are out with the scope of xxx companies accreditation” and if so why do they not just show that as an example wording?

    Lab30 [TE/GE] Section is it being implied that we do not need to brush every surface in an enclosure? As it says we shall….”frequency and location”.

    Lab30 [TE/GE] Section 2nd bullet point: we are still not receiving this handover form from LARC – quite a lot of them are not using it. If we do not receive this is it a fail at Stage 1? If so can it state this or advise what is expected?

    Lab30 [TE/GE] Section is there any advice on reviewing non submitted counts to RICE? We had a finding from UKAS where we now have to assess counts that did not get submitted to RICE and score them accordingly then action any that would have been a “C”?

    Lab30 [TE/ED] Section “COR” should be “CfR”.