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This matter was discussed by the ALG Technical Working Group back in December 2013. At that point it was about whether or not the certificate had to be left on site or could it be sent on afterwards. The agreement was that it needed to be left on site and as such L143 was amended. Although it wasn’t captured in the notes the discussion did consider whether it needed to be paper or if an electronic certificate would suffice. The view taken was that it didn’t matter the main requirement was that the analyst provided it to the LARC and it was up to them to ensure they have what ever facility was required to be able to see/view/provide that to anyone else who needed it. It was acknowledged at that time that analysts were moving to electronic reporting and also that most LARCs were also using electronic systems such as tablets for holding electronic records and therefore it shouldn’t be an issue if they received the certificate electronically. I have attached a copy of the minutes from the meeting – refer to item 13.