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mmGlen White
    Good morning,
    Thank you for the posts this morning. In response to the first post and to follow on from Rob, please see below in italics.
    I am after some advice on issuing electronic air monitoring reports. In particular the DCU clearance certificate.
    What are the members thoughts on emailing the DCU clearance certificate to the site supervisor in place of a physical copy that would normally be placed within the DCU? This is common practice already, the analyst will ordinarily email the cert to the site supervisor and the LARC’s office.
    Is it the analysts “duty” to provide a hard copy for this purpose or would it be on the supervisor to print it off for their own use? Some analytical companies do carry small printers and will also produce a hard copy if requested, however this goes against our carbon footprint policies and somewhat defeats the object of going paperless therefore the normal procedure is as above, to email the cert to the supervisor and the LARC’s office. The analyst doesn’t have a duty to provide a hard copy.
    We have recently moved over to all electronic reports (this will eventually be the same for all once the new analysts’ guide is released I would imagine) – is anyone aware if the DCU’s are also going to move with the times and perhaps have some form of digital screen where an electronic certificate can be displayed? This is something that we are not aware of, however we can ask the question of the hire/supply companies of DCU’s and gauge their view.
    For the LARC’s is it common for you to receive electronic DCU certificates and how do you manage this when returning a DCU which may be hired from a third party? Or how does it work when you collect a DCU that has an electronic only certificate? Yes it is common practice for the LARC to receive the cert electronically for the DCU. The LARC will normally email this cert to the hire company, or print the cert when returning to the office if they own the DCU. During transit the site supervisor/driver will have a copy of the cert on their smartphone/tablet to demonstrate the unit has been tested prior to leaving site whilst in transit. When hiring a unit the supplier will of course check the unit over to ensure it is fit for purpose (gas/electricity/clearance test etc) The certs are ordinarily printed by the hire company and displayed in the ‘clean end’ of the unit. Upon request, the hirer can of course email the documents.