European Council Agrees to Improve Protection of Workers from The Risks of Asbestos

A proposal to tighten EU legislation protecting workers from asbestos has been agreed by the European Council and will now be bought to negotiations with the European parliament.

The proposal includes lowering current exposure levels by ten times to 0.01 fibres of asbestos per cm³ and improving fibre counting by using more modern and accurate methods, including electron microscopy.

The member states would have 7 years to comply with the new fibre counting requirements to ensure a successful transition to the new methods.

Stronger protection of workers from the risks of asbestos will save lives. EU member states must drastically limit workers' exposure to the danger of asbestos and I am glad they are ready to do so.

Marian Jurečka, deputy prime minister and minister of labour and social affairs

You can read more about it on the European Council website.