European Asbestos Forum Foundation Conference

NORAC are proud sponsors of the European Asbestos Forum foundation conference!

The European Asbestos Forum foundation conference is honoured by Flemish Minister Zuhal Demir, responsible for the Flemish asbestos eradication policy, who will give the Opening Speech. Dragoș Pîslaru (MEP and Chair of the EU Committee on Employment & Social Affairs) will do the honours for the Keynote Speech on the new Asbestos at Work Directive; and professor Jukka Takala (you know him from the groundbreaking ‘Global Asbestos Disaster article) will join us as well!

The Dutch State will co-host and has invited all the Member States and NGO's of the European @Environmental & Health Task Force of the World Health Organization, which includes many countries from outside the EU as well, not all of which have an asbestos ban yet. So this will be the perfect opportunity to work further towards reaching a global asbestos ban.

Globally renowned photographer Tony Rich and the Dutch Asbestos Museum will showcase exhibitions. There will also be a collection of global asbestos awareness campaigns - please bring yours, you will have a free stand to do so!

There will be wonderful Supporters, Sponsors and Speakers like UK Asbestos Training Association - UKATAEurofins Environment Testing France and Waters Kraus & PaulAsbestos and Dust Diseases Research Institute (ADDRI)Michael ArmitageSean Fitzgerald, PG, professor Arthur Frank, Kevin BamptonA/Prof Steven KaoGuillermo VillamizarThomas MullerWayne Bagnall MBE, professor Manuel SabaJorge E. Sirgo,  Sven De MulderInez Postema, Tracey Woods of the South African The Glynnis Gale Foundation and Kim Brislane, with several more exciting names still to formally confirm. From the United States to Colombia, from Finland to Australia and South Africa, they are all coming together.

Day One

On Day One (Thursday, November 30th 2023), there will be an exciting excursion in the morning, followed by roundtable workshops interspersed with presentations from experts on ‘Asbestos & Dealing with Disasters’. How do we prepare and deal with earthquakes, floods and man-made disasters, also in the long term? What can we learn from the Twin Towers aftermath, what sort of communication will be most effective? The combined wisdom and experience of all the experts in the room will be collected and published as a working document to assist in future disasters.

In the evening, there will be a relaxed Meet & Greet Buffet Dinner for the Speakers, Sponsors and Special Guests.

Day Two

Day Two (Friday, December 1st 2023) is of course the classic conference, where two dozen speakers from all over the world  will give state of the art presentations before a multidisciplinary audience of asbestos professionals from six continents: truly across borders and sectors. The EAF foundation doesn’t offer cheap talk about creating a global community of asbestos professionals: it has done nothing else for a decade, expanding on the global asbestos network of its founder, Dr. Yvonne Waterman, build up since the turn of the century.

Four words will define this conference and indeed the foundation’s very purpose of existence: awareness and collaboration in order to achieve acceleration of eradication. It takes all of us!

Many different aspects of asbestos sectors will be represented: surveying, removal, laboratory, consultancy, legal, medical, science, statistics, policy, legislation, awareness, innovations, enforcement etc. There is something there for everyone and the beauty of it is: by being exposed to different sectors and thoughts, new ideas and collaborations spark into life. Acceleration happens right there and you can be a part of it. If you want to grow and improve yourself as an asbestos professional, this is where you need to be.

The conference is written to a strict format: so you can expect awards to honour two very deserving persons for their outstanding contributions to raise awareness and accelerate asbestos eradication. There will be the big panel consisting of all speakers debating with the audiences, the massive group photo, the drinks and conference dinner, etc. etc.

(Day Three)

For Speakers, Sponsors and Special Guests only, there will be the traditional, unofficial third day, when the EAF foundation treats them all to an amazing day of superb sightseeing in Brussels, to thank them for their wonderful contributions and efforts. The Christmas Market is right outside and there is so much to enjoy together. Freshly baked waffles and hot wine are just the start!

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