Adam Davies

Operations Manager at SOCOTEC

Adam has worked in the asbestos industry for nearly 20 years.

His journey started as an asbestos removal contractor in 2005 but his fascination with the wider industry meant that Adam soon moved into surveying.

As an asbestos surveyor, Adam led many large-scale demolition and refurbishment projects, developing a passion for management of asbestos. In 2015, Adam was also invited to survey the iconic Clifton suspension bridge in Bristol.

Adam soon moved into the management of survey and analytical projects for major public bodies and private organisations. As a vital part in asbestos management, Adam also started to deliver asbestos training as part of this role.

Over the next 10 years Adam progressed through the BOHS P modules, ultimately obtaining his CoCA and NEBOSH qualifications.

Currently, Adam is Operations Manager for Consultancy and Training at SOCOTEC.

Adam's Upcoming Events

September 2024

Thursday September 5

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

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