By joining NORAC you would become part of our established membership base. Being completely independent from other parts of the asbestos industry we can take forward subjects that really matter to our members and present these at forums where we have an official presence e.g. ALG meetings and the UKAS Technical Committee. Within the association we provide knowledge sharing resources and regular regional meetings.

Knowledege Base

A significant part of NORACs work is to draw in member queries regarding the implementation of regulation and guidance. Despite the wealth of official guidance on asbestos management, there is much to be left to interpretation. NORAC looks to plug the gap between written guidance and the realities of working on site. Once these are collated NORAC is able to approach relevant bodies, such as the HSE or UKAS and seek clear direction on a range of topics. The resulting answers are then available for reference on our answer bank – an invaluable resource for our members.

Queries are put forward and issued to members for comment via our website forum. The forum can also be used for general queries and the sharing of ideas and experiences. Images, photographs and videos can all be posted for the benefit of all members. It is a central hub for our industry.

Regional Meetings

Members also benefit from our regular regional meetings. Chaired by at least one member of the committee, the meetings are chance for representatives of member organisations to meet, network and share industry experience. The meetings were the original basis of NORAC and still remain one of the most important foundations of the association. From the early days of NORAC it was clear that there were many issues and topics shared between member organisations – to sit with other industry professionals and realise that you are not alone in the challenges you face can be a revelation and of great comfort. By working together under the umbrella of NORAC, we can make a real difference to the daily trials of working in the asbestos management industry.

Promotional Materials

As a member of NORAC you are able to use our logo on your promotional material to demonstrate your commitment sharing information, raising standards and encouraging cross-industry partnerships.