An independent association for corporate members of the asbestos testing and inspection community.

Welcome to NORAC, the National Organisation of Asbestos Consultants.

We enable our members to present the subjects that really matter at meetings where we have an official presence, such as Asbestos Network meetings and the UKAS Technical Advisory Committee.

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Our membership is made up of companies, sole traders, local authorities, individuals, clients, and duty holders, in addition to surveying and testing organisations.

Our goals are to improve technical knowledge in all aspects of asbestos consultancy and raise the profile of our members.

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Members get access to our online forums, knowledge sharing resources, regular regional meetings and certification of membership.

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NORAC is a not-for-profit association.

NORAC is run by volunteers on a democratically elected committee. Membership is open to any organisation who is involved in, or has an interest in, asbestos testing and inspection.

The membership fee is reviewed on an annual basis at the AGM. Fees are used to pay for administrative charges and for supporting and promoting the association’s interests.








Join The Discussion And Have Your Voice Heard

NORAC is active community with an official presence at important industry events, such as ALC meetings and the UKAS Technical Advisory Committee, offering you a chance for your opinions to be presented where it matters, with the support of your industry peers.

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The forums are an online repository of knowledge full of the latest useful information where users can find out the latest guidance, anonmously ask questions, give and receive advice, and become a part of the asbestos community.

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Stay Connected

Members also benefit from our regular regional meetings. Chaired by at least one member of the committee, the meetings are chance for representatives of member organisations to meet, network and share industry experience.

The meetings were the original basis of NORAC and still remain one of the most important foundations of the association.

By working together under the umbrella of NORAC, we can make a real difference to the daily trials of working in the asbestos management industry.

Due to Covid 19 we are currrently holding meetings virtually.


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Have Your Voice Heard

NORAC is a fully independent industry association that takes it’s members concerns and ideas and make them heard.

We now have representation on the UKAS Technical Advisory Committee and the HSE’s ALC whilst also working closely with other independent organisations such as the (BOHS), the Construction Industry Training Body (CITB) Asbestos Standard Setting Body and the Faculty for Asbestos Assessment and Management (FAAM).

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As a member of NORAC you are able to use our logo on your promotional material to demonstrate your commitment to sharing information, raising standards and encouraging cross-industry partnerships.

Members are also added to the NORAC members directory, and may upload their company logo, link to their company website and contact details.

Our members are allowed to use the NORAC logo on company websites, email signatures, headed paper and similar to denote that they are a member of Norac.


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The More You Know

A significant part of NORACs work is to draw in member queries regarding the implementation of regulation and guidance.

Despite the wealth of official guidance on asbestos management, there is much to be left to interpretation.

NORAC looks to plug the gap between written guidance and the realities of working on site.

Once these are collated NORAC is able to approach relevant bodies, such as the HSE or UKAS and seek clear direction on a range of topics.

The resulting answers are then available for reference on our answer bank – an invaluable resource for our members.


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Membership Certificate

Our members receive an annually generated certificate to demonstrate their commitment to sharing information, raising standards and encouraging cross-industry partnerships.

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Meet The Team

Colette Willoughby

Managing Director of Asbestos Compliance Ltd.

A highly qualified health, safety and asbestos professional, Colette has an MA in Health and Safety Law and Environmental Law; and holds the Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health along with the BOHS Certificate of Operational Competence in Asbestos.

Colette’s career in the asbestos industry began in 1982: she has experience in all aspects of asbestos control, management, training and legal compliance, in addition to providing expert witness advice for both civil litigation and criminal prosecutions. Colette is also the Managing Director of Asbestos Compliance Limited (ACL).

Colette is passionate about all things asbestos and helping others through development and sharing of knowledge and experience. Over the years Colette has fulfilled many roles such as; a technical assessor for UKAS, for both Testing Organisations and Inspection Bodies, the BOHS’ Principal Examiner (Asbestos), a member of the Management Committee of BOHS’ Faculty of Asbestos Assessment and Management (FAAM) along with current roles such as the Chair of the Female Analyst Working Group plus other relevant HSE and UKAS stakeholder group memberships.



Adam Davies

Operations Manager at SOCOTEC

Adam has worked in the asbestos industry for nearly 20 years.

His journey started as an asbestos removal contractor in 2005 but his fascination with the wider industry meant that Adam soon moved into surveying.

As an asbestos surveyor, Adam led many large-scale demolition and refurbishment projects, developing a passion for management of asbestos. In 2015, Adam was also invited to survey the iconic Clifton suspension bridge in Bristol.

Adam soon moved into the management of survey and analytical projects for major public bodies and private organisations. As a vital part in asbestos management, Adam also started to deliver asbestos training as part of this role.

Over the next 10 years Adam progressed through the BOHS P modules, ultimately obtaining his CoCA and NEBOSH qualifications.

Currently, Adam is Operations Manager for Consultancy and Training at SOCOTEC.

Alex Painter

Asbestos Manager - John Lewis Partnership

Alex joined the asbestos industry as a trainee site Analyst in 2010, after completing a degree in Environmental Sciences.

Following qualification as an Analyst he worked on a number of complex abatement projects in the UK, as well as in Uzbekistan, before training as an Asbestos Surveyor and naturally migrating into Client Management. Over the following decade Alex oversaw complex abatement and survey projects, including a large package of works in The Gambia for one university client and a number of large packages of work for well known UK brands and public institutions. He completed his CoCA with merit in 2017 and was subsequently appointed Deputy Technical Manager, alongside his on-going consultancy work.

In 2019 he was invited to join the board of Adams Environmental and served as one of 3 directors until the business was bought out by Environmental Essentials in late 2022.

In 2023 Alex moved across to the client side of the industry, as Asbestos Manager for the John Lewis Partnership, where he manages asbestos compliance for a portfolio of circa 550 buildings.

He is also a founding member of the fledgling Asbestos in Retail Group (ARG), a group of asbestos managers in the retail sector, sharing knowledge and expertise to drive up standards.

Derek Todd

Technical and Quality Manager at EDP

Derek has 10 years’ experience in the asbestos industry, having started as a surveyor / analyst in 2011 at, and previously was a microbiologist in a UKAS lab for 4 years. He then became technical and quality manager in 2018 at EDP.

He holds P402-P404 and CoC – Asbestos and has been responsible for, and undertaken, surveying and analytical works in all premises, survey types and asbestos types. He has also project managed asbestos works for large universities and refineries.

He has successfully transitioned EDP to 17025:2017, and is currently working through HSG248 transition.

Glen White

Operations Director at Broadland Group Ltd.

Glen started in the Industry in 1987 working as an insulation engineer and an asbestos removal operative. He served his first 10 yrs. in the industry working nationwide on power stations & refineries.

He became refinery manager in 1992 responsible for overseeing outages and the day to maintenance actives of all asbestos related works. In 1997 Glen moved into the consultancy sector, he gained his CCP in 2000 and then became the Technical Manager for a consultancy firm where he served for 10 years.

Glen moved back into the asbestos removal sector in 2007 working for a two LARC’s over a period of 5 yrs. dealing with special projects etc. In 2012 Glen moved back into the consultancy sector starting an office for Broadland Group Ltd.

Toby Ford

Operations Director at Eton Environmental Group Ltd.

Toby started as an asbestos laboratory analyst in 1997 and then spent several years air monitoring and surveying.

After then managing projects for various clients, including government agencies and major corporations, he moved to the technical side of the business and has been both a quality and technical manager.

Currently, Toby is the Operations Director at Eton Environmental Group Ltd and is also a registered UKATA trainer.

Scott Bentley

Senior Quality & Technical Manager - Reactive Compliance UK Ltd

Currently in his 24th year within the asbestos industry, Scott started off as a trainee at S.P. Shutler Associates Ltd, in Newcastle under Lyme. Progressing from a trainee to a senior consultant and eventually a project manager, he transitioned into management at Airborne Environment Consultants Ltd (AEC Ltd).

At AEC Ltd, Scott served as the site team and technical manager, overseeing multimillion-pound projects involving power plants, chemical plants, live airports, and the complete removal and demolition of a former hospital.

Subsequently, Scott joined Resource and Environmental Consultants Ltd (REC Ltd) as the operations director, advancing to become the Managing Director of the asbestos department.

Following REC Ltd's acquisition by Ensafe Consultants, Scott made the decision to leave Ensafe in June 2021 for Reactive Compliance UK Ltd, where he currently holds the position of technical and quality manager.

Specializing in expert witness, operation management, quality management, and training within the industry, Scott holds certifications such as CCP (CoCA), P402, P403, P404, P901 (Legionella), and the Prince2 Project Management Qualification.

Passionate about his work, Scott is dedicated to making a positive impact within the industry.

Paul King

Technical Manager, SGS MIS Environmental Ltd

Working in the industry for almost 20 years, first with MIS Environmental and upon acquisition, with SGS, Paul has worked on asbestos contaminated land, asbestos surveying and management consultancy and 4 stage clearance.

Paul has held various management roles within the organisation, from Operations to Technical Manager (current role) and is responsible for certified health and safety and environmental management systems as well as carrying out IATP asbestos training and compliance and due diligence audits around the world.

He is actively involved in supporting and promoting development of asbestos services in SGS laboratories globally and holds the following post-nominals: BSc(Hons), CCP (Asbestos), PIEMA, MInstLM, MIOSH.

Rachel Rushton

Quality Manager – Environmental Essentials

Rachel joined the industry in 2007 after finishing university with a BSc and MSc in forensic science and was initially employed as a trainee laboratory analyst.

After becoming a qualified analyst, Rachel  progressed to Deputy Quality Manager (in 2010) . Since 2013 she has held the role of Quality Manager.

Rachel holds BOHS Proficiency Modules P401, P402, P403, P404, and P405 and is a member of the Fibres Proficiency Testing Steering Committee where members are selected on the basis of having the necessary technical knowledge and expertise to contribute to the work of the committee.

Rachel recently represented NORAC at a HSE/UKAS working group and is dedicated to working towards continual improvement for the industry as a whole.

Ben Angell-James

Technical and Quality Director for ACE Consultants

Ben has been involved with asbestos throughout a varied career. Week one with Inspectorate Casella in 1993 was a Preliminary Certificate in Asbestos Fibres from Bill Sanderson. After 10 years in London: Air Testing, Bulk Analysis, Surveying, Project Managing, Training and setting up new UKAS Laboratories, it was time to escape to the country: new disciplines, new clients; same challenges.

A sojourn on the other side with senior positions for an environmental software business, a national Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractor and then a H&S Directorship for a large multidiscipline contracting business before a return to consultancy.

Those same principles learnt in that first week of training have not changed: a commitment to quality, continuous learning, betterment and ensuring the safety of persons that may be placed at risk.

Alan Willoughby

Director of Asbestos Compliance Ltd.

Alan was introduced to the asbestos industry in 2007 when he and Colette established Coal Consultants Ltd.

Prior to this Alan had worked in the construction industry for just over 20 years. It was quite a bit of an eye opener to realise that the use of asbestos was still prevalent when his employment first started.

Through Asbestos Compliance Limited Alan provides specialist advice to clients on how to comply with all aspects of current legislation and guidance.

By being actively involved in NORAC it is the firm belief that this will improve the service that asbestos consultants provide.